Regimental command

Here is the command stand - I still don't know if I got the colours right for the eagle bearer and its guard, but I doubt any one would know what it should be! I'll have to order a GMB flag some time...

This brings the total of painted miniatures in this bataillon to 19. I've got 3 voltigeurs left to paint (already well under way), and I'll be short of minis to paint. No worry, there's another Perry order on the way!


preview of what's next

as the carabiniers company was actually finished one week before it was pictured, I've since started working on the command stand. Apparently, the Perry Miniatures don't reflect the 1815 uniform! First of all, there should be no pike bearer. Then, the eagle bearer should not have two epaulettes. My conclusion is that this is more of a 1812-14 command stand!

Nevermind, I have the minis, they look good, so... why not...! I found in the Osprey books (Napoleon's light infantry, Napoleon's line infantry) some clues about how to paint them. That's where I found the silver stripes on the shako. I've painted one pike bearer and was rather satisfied with it. The "chef de bataillon" is also done - lots of blue colour, that didn't take long! The last two are WIP.

Next weekend, I'm off to Salute (London), I'm very much looking forward to it!!

the carabiniers company

A bit late (it took me one week to decide to recharge the camera's batteries!), here is the carabinier company. Note that I've included the pioneer in there.It took me two weeks (as expected) to complete these 4.

As slow as always, but as long as I keep going, I'll see the end of the project!