Official end of the blog

Yep, this blog is no longer in use. But... I have created a new one, please visit!

Of Eagles and Frogs


There they are!

There it is, the complete batallion eventually varnished and based! Note there is no flag (yet). Beside the fact that it took me ages to get new rechargeable batteries for the camera, there were some late twists in the project.

You may notice that the drummer is now wearing the imperial livery (green), and that cockades are now pre-1815. This 1815 project has become a 1813-1814 project...!! The flag base will cary the 1812-pattern banner, and if one day I wish to play a 1815 game, I can always do a 1815-flag base.

Enough with details, this project is now over... time to plan the next! I'll run two projects in parallel. A 2nd bataillon of light infantry, and the 1st squadron of the 4th hussard.

I hope this blog has given ideas to some of the readers, even though it hasn't been the most active. I may keep posting during my future projects, but don't expect a much higher pace: one battalion a year is my speed and I'm affraid the more I paint the less I want to give up on details!

Oh, and happy Winter holidays to all the visitors of the blog!


Voltigeurs (part 2)

And here are the long, long awaited voltigeurs skirmishing.

I've had a long break this summer, for various (personnal) reasons. But here they are, and I'm fairly happy with the result. Though now that I look at the photos, I realize that I forgot the blue point in the centre of the cockades!! This will be sorted out.

One thing to mention. Compared with the other Perry "light infantry" miniatures, these skirmishers are a bit tall. Which is a shame, as the voltigeurs are supposedly the shorter men of the elite (by opposition to carabiniers). Oh well.

I've ordered the flag (GMB designs), and am in the process of ordering the bases (from Veni Vidi Vici), so stay tuned for the final post on this battalion project...!

For what's coming afterwards, it will be the 4th hussard. I've assembled the horses already, they're waiting for gap-filling and priming.


Bastille Day WIP's parade

It may still be work in progress, but this bataillon only needs basing now. It's time for a review, and what better day that the French National Day? There are a total of 28 men on foot, plus a mounted colonel. Here's a nearly finished 5th regiment of light infantry!

On this close-up you'll notice an NCO, that's the line NCO from Perry that I modified for light infantry. I also "played" with the private following him: look at his shako plate and his trousers.

This is an idea of what it will look like when deployed in line with the command stand in the front.

As I am now painting the last 4 skirmishers to finish this bataillon in a wargame format, I start wondering about what I'll do next. I'm not sure I have the stamina to paint yet another bataillon of light infantry. At my pace, repetition seems like eternity! Possibly some hussards?

I also need to take into account that with a baby expected in Septembre, I may have less time for my hobbies! I should not try to be too ambitious... oops...


Waiting for Bastille Day

Right, I've had loads of distractions in the last two months. I managed to paint only 6 minis in that period: the remaining voltigeur and five chasseurs (including a NCO). I did little conversion on these. All that's left is now the skirmishing poses (4 voltigeurs). I'm done with march attack figures for now. As planned from the beginning, there are a total of 24 minis, plus 4 figures for the command stand (chef de bataillon, eagle bearer, and eagle guard x2). Plus a mounted colonel. The pompoms were painted after I made sure the different figure poses are balanced between the different companies.

I'll do a post on the 14th of July: Bastille Day!

This is an idea from Greg Privat (http://gloarmy.blogspot.com/ for those who don't know) to organize a parade for the French National Day. So I'll keep the readers waiting two more days :) As there are no bases yet, it will be a WIP parade!