two weeks later

Here are the next 4. There are now 11 miniatures finished in this 5th light regiment. I chose to paint the drummer in the royal livery (that is a blue uniform, by opposition to the green of the imperial livery), though I couldn't find much documentation on this. I had to guess for some areas.

The three chasseurs have the lentil-shape pompon. I haven't made any modification on those minis.Faces? I still have to improve, but believe me, I come from far! I'm fairly pleased with these and their style should remain the same through the whole project.

I'll now do the company of carabiniers (4 of them), and it will include a pioneer. Again, I give myself two weeks to do those 4 minis!


  1. The faces are brilliant! Usually painting details like eyes is not a good idea as it often spoils an otherwise well executed mini, but you've nailed it IHMO.

    Well done!

  2. Very nice I'd echo the previous comment about faces aswell