When the Perry are late to deliver

Tomorrow is the 14th of May. The Perrys cleared my cheque on the 14th of April. And my order was sent by mail 10 days before. You do the math... that is a lot of time!! I ran out of minis to paint two weeks ago already! Well, that is not exactly true, as I painted a spare mounted colonel I had, which I was planning to keep for the very end of the project.

I am slightly disappointed by how the face turned up. I will have to buy a new brush.

 But at least I'm quite pleased with the horse. The photo doesn't render the silver shine of the grey (one coat of "Sky Grey", and then some "Silver" added sparsely), but it looks good in real.
Same as the red collar. It's not pink at all, it's just a camera effect!


  1. Good work. I've found that silver (and gold) metalic inks used as a final highlight on darker shades of metalic paint after the metalics had been varnished, makes metalic work really shine.

  2. I agree, that is fine for metal parts to paint. But I wanted these areas to look only slightly metallic - and rather grey... as it's textile, after all! tricky one :)

  3. This whole army is looking VERY nice! I look forward to seeing your progress.

    I think you are definitely on the right track with the silver cloth. I have a habit of going much too metallic. It's a look I like personally, but it's unrealistic. You are doing much better.

    Good luck