Waiting for Bastille Day

Right, I've had loads of distractions in the last two months. I managed to paint only 6 minis in that period: the remaining voltigeur and five chasseurs (including a NCO). I did little conversion on these. All that's left is now the skirmishing poses (4 voltigeurs). I'm done with march attack figures for now. As planned from the beginning, there are a total of 24 minis, plus 4 figures for the command stand (chef de bataillon, eagle bearer, and eagle guard x2). Plus a mounted colonel. The pompoms were painted after I made sure the different figure poses are balanced between the different companies.

I'll do a post on the 14th of July: Bastille Day!

This is an idea from Greg Privat (http://gloarmy.blogspot.com/ for those who don't know) to organize a parade for the French National Day. So I'll keep the readers waiting two more days :) As there are no bases yet, it will be a WIP parade!

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