Time for the first real work update. This consists in the work I have been doing upstream: how many miniatures I'll need, which manufacturer packs to order, how I intend to base the companies. I've always liked to know where I'm going! This doesn't have to be definitive sketch of what will be done (I'm likely to adapt things as I go along), but should give a good picture of the final result.

The usual struggle is to decide how to base the 6 companies. I've looked into different solutions, but I don't like to see a company (4 minis each) spread over multiple bases. Hence I can't have 6 minis per base. With the option I've chosen, I'll have two bases of two Chasseurs companies (8 minis), and two bases of 1 flank company (4 minis). And in case flank companies should be deployed as skirmishers, there will be four skirmishers bases (2 minis).

Now, 24 minis to represent a bataillon is the general use and reflects the 1:20 ratio that is targeted. HOWEVER! I want nice Eagle/Fanion stands... this will add miniatures, but should give a special look to the unit. Add a Chef de Bataillon walking in front of the line, and that makes a total of 28 minis per bataillon. Yes, that's a bit much, but let's face it, it looks much better. If it comes to wargaming one day, one could always say that the stand doesn't count in the numbers.

Another thing to point out about basing. I've seen this on Saxon Dog blog and really liked it: allow some space on the bases in front of the companies. I'll simply do the same!

I've also drawn this other picture to illustrate how the miniatures will be organized:

1 drummer behind each Chef de Bataillon
1 extra chasseur Captain per bataillon (in the rank)
1 sapeur within the carabiniers company of the 1st bataillon
1 NCO per bataillon (these are minis from line infantry and will need modifications, such as epaulettes)
1 mounted colonel

There won't be any greatcoat (theoritically, the Chef de Bataillon decides if the whole bataillon wears the greatcoat or not). I'll try to give them a slight campaign look.

I've also been training before hand on getting a nice blue colour for my light infantry. But that will be for the next post!

edit: on the 2nd picture, the FN codes redirect to the Perry Miniatures packs. In the end I'll be using:
FN71 light infantry, regiment command (1 pack, using 6/6)
FN72 light infantry, bataillon command (1 pack, using 4/6)
FN73 light infantry, chasseurs (4 packs, using 20/24)
FN74 light infantry, flank companies (3 packs, using 15/18)
FN75 light infantry, flank companies, skirmishing (3 packs, using 18/18)
FN76 light infantry, chasseurs, lentil-shaped pompon (1 pack, using 6/6)
FN83 young guard, command (1 pack, using 1/6)
FN04 mounted infantry colonels (1 pack, using 1/3)
FN13 line infantry, NCOs (1 pack, using 2/6)
FN16 line infantry, casualties (1 pack, using ?/6)


  1. Great deal of intricate planning. Looking forward to seeing the results.

    Nice work.
    Peter C.

  2. Great start to the blog. Keep up the good work.