Ok, I'll try to make these questions/answers short:

Q: why Light Infantry
A: I like the blue dominant of their uniform. They are also slightly less known and documented than the line Infantry.

Q: why the 5th?
A: not too large numbers (not too much to paint!). And as part of the VI corps, one could easily imagine alternative wargaming scenarios where the 5th could be dispatched on a different front. That is, of course, if one day I start wargaming...

Q: why Perry Miniatures?
A: they're the best. Price isn't the most important thing (I paint slowly, and not large numbers), though they're amongst the cheapest anyway! the most important is they are probably the best researched and most realisticly sculpted French miniatures.

Q: why 1815?
A: As Perrys are the best make, and as they do French Naps for the 1815 period only, it has to be 1815, even though this is not the most prestigious year for Napoleon and his armies...

Q: how to research the uniform?
A: I own some of the famous Rousselot plates, and there is also very good (legal) information on the web. I rely a lot on two websites (both in French...)
Mont-Saint-Jean by A. Cabaret
L'Histoire Autrement by B.Coppens

(oh, and yes, I am French... that helps to read those...)

Comments are here for you (readers) to ask further questions, but I doubt I have many readers yet (though surprisingly, I got a comment of the Joker himself on my first post!)

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