Hi all. I decided I'd share my miniatures painting experience with you.

As a matter of fact, I've been painting French Napoleonic minis for a few years. That doesn't mean that I have painted large numbers, nor have I exceptional skills. No, I'm slow at this, I research my work before hand, and I am not intending to join a wargame club before years.

However, I've managed to keep painting regularly 28mm minis for over 3 years now, focusing on a 1815 French army. I've completed a bataillon of Old Guard chasseurs, a bataillon of Young Guard tirailleurs, a battery of the Guard, and a Guard artillery train (I may post pictures of these later). Yes, the usual "beginner" mistake: painting the Guard first. But don't forget, I paint for pleasure before I paint for gaming: gaming is not on the horizon yet.

As time comes to start a new project, I'll try to document it online. I enjoy following painting/wargaming blogs and intend to bring my own contribution to the community. And who knows, I may inspire some of my readers?

Time to announce my new project has arrived
drums roll

 it will be the regiment of 5e Rgt of Light Infantry!

The 5th light served in the VI corps at Waterloo which was initially used as reserve before being involved against the Prussians on the French right instead. Also named "regiment d'Angouleme", its 1st and 2nd bataillons were present during the Belgian campaign and it numbered just under 900 men.

As with my previous projects, I'll be using Perry Miniatures (28mm), I'll use a 1:20 ratio (900 men => about 45 miniatures), I'll use the march attack pose, and I'll base them following usual standards. There will be additional skirmishers for when the flank companies are deployed.

I'm currently waiting for two parcels in the post... one with the first 4 packs of Perry miniatures (FN71, FN73, FN74, FN76), and one with 6 Vallejo paints to complete my set of colours. In the meantime, I'll precise my project.


  1. I look forward to seeing your work.


  2. What rules are you going to use?

  3. I don't really know! but something with the 1:20 ratio. I could start playing once I have 4 battalions in total, making it a brigade...

    By then, I might contact players/clubs around Hampshire (UK) - that is if I find any :) No idea which rules those guys would play!

  4. Really very detailed and well set out start to a worthwhile project. I'll follow with signifiant interest. Welcome to blogging (assuming this is your first). Most of my wargaming colleagues and I also build 1:20 troop scale in 28mm - nothing quite like it. Will your choice of rules dictate your basing dimensions? All of my mates use Grand Manner systems but the basing translates to Shako I understand.