test mini

Ok, don't get too enthusiastic, and don't expect me to keep posting as often in the future!! This mini was painted a week ago when I was experimenting blue colours. That is an officer from the young guard command pack, but that is fine for light infantry. In the end, I decided to go for the following:
black undercoat, Dark Prussian Blue coat, highlight in Prussian Blue (all Vallejo paints). The pompon isn't painted yet, I've got to decide to which company it belongs!

(btw I've never tried the "3 tones technique" that is described in many places.)

so here it is:

It's difficult to take photos. How to get the best light, zoom or no zoom, macro or super macro mode, flash or no flash... I'll need to improve in this domain too - so please don't be harsh on me. Overall I'm quite pleased with the result (the miniature, not the photos). I do not intend to compete with the quality of a Sascha Herm's painting! but it should still be a very reasonable standard. The 2nd picture renders the colours best.

The officer wears the surtout (a sort of campaign jacket). That saved me from painting the white piping... Actually to be honest, I painted the piping to start with! Til I realized that was a mistake...

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